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Welcome On Your Path To Financial Freedom

Learn what you need to know to become successful

The source for entrepreneurs, sales teams and dreamers alike!

KYDA (Keep Your Dream Alive) was started to help people become better at understanding finances, building their own business and helping them become successful.


Most people want to have a better life, but no idea where to start or what to start.

On this page we will share with you the time-tested approaches to improve your finances, start a business, or sales and marketing.

These are the most important lessons to help people become more independent and start on their own journey of financial freedom.

From "oh yeah" to "oh shit", everything is made accessible.

For free.

financial freedom, business, success
Keep Your Dream Alive!

This is what Kyda stands for, and this is what we want you to do.

The only way to make the world a better place is to become better ourselves.

We provide you with free information to improve your finances, learn how to build a business, make more sales or market your product.

All you have to do is to get started!

We post new guides, tips and hacks for your improvement weekly!

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Welcome on your journey to a better life!

We all know these problems:

  • Staggering wages.

  • Sky-high rents and real estate prices.

  • The middle class dies out.

  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

But why?

And the better question is: What can YOU do against it?

How can YOU get out of this rat race and finally become financially free?


Kyda was founded to help people learn exactly how to do just that.

Step by step.

Our blog provides you with all the information to start a business, get sales and keep your finances in order.

Bussiness, success

What do you need on your path to financial freedom?

Breaking out of the rat race will not be easy to be honest.

But thousands of people have done it before - why should you not make it?

At Kyda we will show you a very simple, step-by-step process designed for absolute beginners to make sure everybody can use our system and benefit financially from it.

Here are the main steps that will propel you into a great financial future:

  1. Cut unnecessary expenses. Understand assets and liabilities, and how they affect your net worth.

  2. Start increasing your income, usually by starting a (side-)business.

  3. Invest your profits in stocks or real estate

  4. Enjoy life

 It is a system that anybody can use and that anybody can benefit from, no matter where you are from in the world!

We provide you with the evergreen tactics and strategies that have made people rich centuries ago, and which will also work in the same manner.

It will certainly not be easy, but it will be worth it.

business, success
What will your future look like?

Take charge of your future now!

Start your journey to a better tomorrow today.

Over the past decade, America's richest grew their wealth by more than 80%!

How much did your wealth grow over the last decade?

Did it grow at all?

It is time to change that!

Time to step up your game.

What You will learn here


Understanding the most important decisions and how they affect your daily life.

Increasing your income, building assets and net-worth.

Starting a Business

Finding ideas, testing and developing them.

Launching your products, providing value, systematizing and scaling the business.

Sales & Marketing

Bringing in revenue, finding customers, increasing sales.
Making your product known to the right people, marketing online & offline

Growing Your Business

Implementing systems, managing people, growing and expanding. Ultimately either selling the business or create it to work for you with minimum effort.

All provided for you in easy, actionable blog posts and manuals!

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Take charge of your future now - Start your journey to financial freedom today!

Congratulations! You are on your way to financial freedom!

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