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What is Kyda?

Kyda is a gathering place of knowledge where people from all over the world can learn what they need to know for boosting success in business and their finances.

It is NOT a motivation or feel-good program.

Instead, we provide you here with guides, how-tos and clear actions to take.

Our focus lies on improving finances, becoming better at sales & marketing and building your own business.


A passion for Entrepreneurship

David A. Schneider has spent more than 12 years on the front line of direct sales and marketing. He started his first business at age 18 and was fascinated by entrepreneurship and its effects on our society since then.

Right now he is working in a leading role in a family business with 150 employees and shares his knowledge as author, blogger, and corporate consultant.

The Vision

The Vision

Kyda has the sole purpose to teach people what they need to know to make it financially in their lives.

When you are in school, you have strict patterns to follow.

When you are at your job, you have strict patterns to follow.

But when you are starting out as entrepreneur on your own - you are like standing in front of the entire ocean of life and often have no idea where to go or what to do next.

Too many of us entrepreneurs make the same stupid mistakes over and over. And we can't learn from each other because there are no recordings and much less public announcements of these failures.

Yet there are a few, curcial elements that EVERYBODY can use to become successful.

And this is what I hope to spread to the world through Kyda.

Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom Today
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